Rick Steves Best Of Europe

September 28th - October 11th, 2009

An Ode to THE Chocolate Macaroon

Congratulations, you’ve found our secret macaroon page!

“Oh, let me tell you about lunch in Paris. No, not lunch, let me tell you about the Chocolate Macaroon. First, let me apologize that each and every one of you is not enjoying one right now and I am sorry, but we coudln't bring them home. We thought the eclair we had the day before was good. Well this Chocolate Macaroon blew the doors off that eclair. Not just blew the doors off, it took a military grade bazooka straight to it's front door! The macaroon was sweet, rich, dark, soft, crispy and fudge like. In short, it was amazing. We ate one; bought one to go. Seriously this macaroon may have been the single greatest dessert I have ever enjoyed. Imagine a rich fudge, plus a crispy cookies, plus a squishy cookie, plus a flaky coating of chocolate, plus a beam of heaven shooting straight into it. If you can imagine all of that wrapped up into one hand held chocolate dessert then you can imagine The Chocolate Macaroon. Not just a Chocolate Macaroon but THE Chocolate Macaroon. The one to which all others shal be measured.” - Kevin

David & Cezanne

David wasn’t simply defending the town from Goliath, he was protecting his Chocolate Macaroon! Could Cezanne’s inspiration have been a Chocolate Macaroon? We like to think so!

Mona Lisa & Bocca della Verita

No one really knows what’s so magical about the Mona Lisa. Maybe it's the fact that DaVinci also loved an occasional Chocolate Macaroon. Don’t forget the Bocca della Verita will bite your hand off if you’re a liar OR if you’re trying to steal it’s Chocolate Macaroon.

Lions & Creation

Could this lion be protecting a castle? Sure. But more likely it’s protecting its’ Chocolate Macaroon. Michelangelo shows us the power of creation & the power of THE Chocolate Macaroon.